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9 Skincare Mistakes You Should Avoid!

Caring for our skin is an ongoing journey!

Here are 9 mistakes you can avoid when caring for your skin.

1.NOT CHANGING PILLOWCASE WEEKLY ( Imagine not taking a bath for a week….okay you get it.)

2. NOT USING THE HYDRO-DEFENCE SERUM FOR SUN PROTECTION ( The Hydro-Defence Serum is clinically proven to serve as a broad spectrum SPF alternative providing sun protection for up to 24 hours.)

3. USING PHYSICAL SCRUBS ON INFLAMED ACNE ( can make matters worst and cause PIH or Dark Spots as you would call them.)

4. USING MULTIPLE BRANDS AT ONCE (can cause adverse reactions or stop other products from working properly.)

5. USING PORE VACUUMS AND DERMAROLLERS AT HOME ( leave this to a professional these machines cause way to much damage.)

6. MAKE UP WIPES (way too aggressive) Instead try the Hydrotox Oil Cleanser or The Hydro-Pumpkin Pie by Osthetics Skincare Professionals. This oil based products make killer makeup removers as the makeup melts right off! Visit to shop!

7. USING LOTION AS MOISTURIZER ( clogs pores) instead try the Hydro-Defence Serum at

8. PLACING SERUM DROPPER ON YOUR SKIN ( contaminates product, could contribute to bacterial infection in the skin as a result of applying contaminated product to skin.)

9. EXFOLIATING DAILY ( Just asking for a compromised barrier.)

Following these practices will help you see better results when caring for your skin.

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