Sun Damage Unlocked

What is Sun Damage?

Sun Damage to the skin leads to a leathery-looking lax skin surface, which usually presents with coarse wrinkles. However, one of the most common complaints associated with sun damage is the presence of uneven and hyperpigmented skin, which may also contain brown spots known as Lentigines.

What Causes Sun Damage?

After exposure to the sun, UV radiation may induce degrees of inflammation in the skin. This is facilitated mainly by the UVB rays, which cause the release of inflammatory factors like cytokine that lead to inflammatory response and the appearance of sunburn. A greater degree of exposure to the sun may also lead to the increased thickness of the skin and sunburn cells.

How to Prevent Sun Damage?

The Hydro Defense Serum works as an ideal alternative to conventional sunscreen. This is due to the presence of high levels of Zinc Oxide, which helps protect the skin from sun damage by working as a shield against Ultraviolet radiation. Moreover, what makes the Hydro Defense system unique is the lack of any toxic substances incorporated into it like the conventional sunscreen; hence it is a much safer option.

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