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About Us

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Meet Our Founder

Derrick Odomes III, better known as the Concierge Esthetician is a 26-year-old licensed medical esthetician who specializes in advanced corrective skincare. As a male thriving in a predominately female industry, Derrick has become the connoisseur of all things aesthetic. Graduating at the top of his class & being awarded student of the year, Derrick wasted no time getting his feet wet in the beauty and wellness industry by earning his license prior to graduating, in doing so he landed 2 jobs affording himself the opportunity to start his own business just 2 weeks after graduation where he provides luxury concierge services as a medical esthetician. 

This ambitious young man has provided services for celebrities, private parties, government officials and many more. Derrick is well respected by medical professionals with his amazing knowledge revolving around ingredients and the biological and physiological interactions they have with the human body. This amazing knowledge led him to begin a journey of formulating his own line of advanced vegan skincare products for men and women of all skin types. With the first product set to launch this fall already taking the innovative lead the "Hydro-Defense Serum" is not only a product you will want it is a product you will need. 

~Derrick Odomes III

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What is the Goal of Osthetics?

We want Osthetics to be worldwide, a trusted name where people can come to find natural, sustainable, honest formulas that are effective in the battle against whatever skin concern they might be dealing with.

The History behind Osthetics

Skin-care has always been a major topic in my life. As a teenager, I battled with oily acne prone skin and really discovered how much it impacted my inner confidence. Every day at high-school, I faced continuous comments about my bumpy, greasy appearance. This was when my obsession with anti-inflammatory ingredients and and essential oils began. It was also my mission to help my mother improve her skin as hormonal changes completely ruined her skin once she got pregnant with me. Combining this drive with my pursuit of education in advanced paramedical skincare, I decided to start work on a natural and extremely effective face serum, featuring organic ingredients which wouldn’t just help me with my own skin concerns, but others too. 

What is the problem you are trying to solve in the industry?

I feel there is not enough originality, authenticity, and transparency within the beauty industry. There is so much to compete with, putting more pressure on people to be something they’re not. At Osthetics, we go beyond basic beauty worries to explore the damaging impact skin issues have on people on a personal level.