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About Us

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Meet Our Founder

Derrick Odomes, better known as the "Concierge Esthetician," is a 28-year-old licensed medical esthetician who specializes in advanced corrective skincare. He graduated at the top of his class and landed 2 jobs immediately after graduation, then started his own business. He has provided services for celebrities, private parties, government officials, and others. He is well respected by medical professionals for his knowledge of ingredients and their interactions with the human body.

Derrick began his career by providing services for celebrities and private parties and has built a reputation for his knowledge of skincare ingredients. He has created his own skincare line of advanced vegan products. The first product in the line, Hydro-Defense Serum, is innovative, with its advanced holistic capabilities, and it is said to be a miracle product.

~Derrick Odomes III

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What is the Goal of Osthetics?

Osthetics Skincare Professionals is a leading holistic skincare brand that caters to licensed estheticians, nurse practitioners, holistic doctors, and many other professionals in the beauty, health and wellness fields. Our products are formulated with the latest and most advanced ingredients, making them highly effective and fast-acting, while being gentle enough for consumer use. Our commitment to providing training and support to our partners ensures that our customers receive the best and most up-to-date information on skincare, as well as the highest quality products. We are passionate about providing luxurious, holistic skincare solutions that create real, visible results for our customers.

The History behind Osthetics

Skin-care has always been a major topic in my life. As a teenager, I battled with oily acne prone skin and really discovered how much it impacted my inner confidence. Every day at high-school, I faced continuous comments about my bumpy, greasy appearance. This was when my obsession with anti-inflammatory ingredients and and essential oils began. It was also my mission to help my mother improve her skin as hormonal changes completely ruined her skin once she got pregnant with me. Combining this drive with my pursuit of education in advanced paramedical skincare, I decided to start work on a natural and extremely effective face serum, featuring organic ingredients which wouldn’t just help me with my own skin concerns, but others too. 

What is the problem you are trying to solve in the industry?

Our mission is to improve skin health and provide advanced skincare backed by science. We strive to offer vegan skin care products that are truly life changing and beneficial for our business partners and consumers. Our brand is dedicated to providing high-performance, pro grade vegan skincare made with unconventional superfood ingredients and innovative science to help create real change in the skin. We are committed to creating products that use vegan ingredients and practices that are good for the planet and for people. We want to be the one brand that continues to provide innovative and effective vegan solutions for all skin types and conditions.

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