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Become a Universal Acne Specialist: Master the Art of Clear Skin

Unlock the power of the Universal Acne Specialist Program and transform your approach to acne treatment.

Empower Yourself with the Knowledge Advantage:

This program offers a unique two-phase approach, combining the convenience of virtual learning with the hands-on mastery of an onsite intensive.

Phase 1: Virtual Foundations (Delivered Online):

Embrace the Universal Approach: Dive deep into the revolutionaryUniversal Acne Science philosophy, transcending traditional methods.

Become a Versatile Expert: Master diverse techniques to effectively address varying levels of acne, equipping you for diverse clientele needs.

Demystify Potent Ingredients: Gain a thorough understanding of our unique ingredients and their powerful impact on clearing and healing acne-prone skin.

Experience the Universal Acne Science Startup Kit:

Immerse yourself in a comprehensive collection of our skincare products, designed to address various aspects of acne treatment.

Elevate your knowledge by understanding how our products work synergistically to create positive outcomes.

Phase 2: Onsite Intensive (Delivered On-Location):

Once you've mastered the fundamentals virtually, hone your skills with an immersive, hands-on experience:

3-Day Intensive Training: A dedicated trainer will travel to your location for three days of intensive training.

Refine Your Techniques: Gain practical mastery of acne treatment protocols, ensuring precise and effective application.

Prepare for Advanced Practice: This training focuses on treating acne, inflammation, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIE), equipping you to handle diverse client concerns.

Certification and Beyond:

Upon successful completion of the program, earn your Osthetics certification, granting you access to exclusive benefits:

E-books: Dive deeper with ongoing learning resources.

Immersive Training Programs: Continuously expand your knowledge and expertise with advanced training opportunities.

Exclusive Protocols: Gain access to cutting-edge protocols for advanced acne treatment.

Embrace the Universal Approach and become a sought-after acne specialist. Contact us today and embark on your journey to mastering the art of clear skin!

Universal Acne Expert Virtual & Hands On Training

  • Products are shipped prior to training to ensure timely access.

    For Acne Expert Training: The prerequisite training is already included with your purchase and does not need to be purchased separately.

    We look forward to connecting with you and empowering you to deliver exceptional results for your clients!

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