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Beyond the Bottle: Versatile Applications

Oxygen Infusion Therapy: Pair the Energizing Oxygen Solution with the Hydro-Defense Serum to create a powerful oxygenating treatment. This combination may help revitalize and energize the skin, potentially enhancing the delivery of beneficial ingredients.

Toner: Use it as a refreshing toner to remove impurities and prepare the skin for further skincare steps.

Mummy Mask Solution: Incorporate it into your mummy mask routine for an extra boost of hydration and calming properties.

Key benefits:

Hydrates & plumps: Hyaluronic Acid and Polyglutamic Acid deeply hydrate for a youthful appearance.

Soothes & calms: Blue Tansy Oil and anti-inflammatory properties calm irritation and redness.

Multi-purpose: Use as a toner, add to face masks, or pair with the Hydro-Defense Serum for an oxygen infusion treatment.

Energizing Oxygen Solution

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