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What You'll Get:

Affordable, High-Quality Tools: Our package includes a portable yet powerful oxygen machine, carefully selected to ensure maximum quality and ease of use.

Starter Kit: Begin your oxygen infusion journey with confidence! Our mini start-up kit provides essential supplies to get you practicing immediately.

Step-by-Step Video Tutorial: Our detailed video guide will lead you through the fundamentals of oxygen infusion therapy, covering proper equipment setup, treatment protocols, and client consultation best practices.

Knowledge Testing & Certification: Demonstrate your understanding and earn your oxygen infusion therapy certification with our virtual quiz.

Gateway to Advanced Training: Your certification unlocks the possibility to dive deeper with our advanced oxygen infusion therapy training. Expand your expertise and offer transformative treatments tailored to various skin types and concerns.

The Osthetics Advantage: Universal Skin Science

Our products are thoughtfully formulated with a Universal Skin Science approach, catering to the diverse needs of all skin types. As you advance in your training, you'll unlock deeper knowledge and insights into the world of Osthetics, empowering you to deliver personalized, effective skincare solutions.

What You'll Learn:

Understanding Oxygen Infusion Benefits: Discover how oxygen infusion revitalizes the skin, promoting hydration, reducing inflammation, and enhancing product absorption.

Mastering the Technique: Learn precise oxygen application techniques and optimal product pairings for maximum results.

Client Consultation and Assessment: Conduct thorough consultations to determine individual needs and tailor treatments accordingly.

Safety Protocols: Ensure client safety and minimize potential risks with proper hygiene and aftercare instructions.

Join our growing community of certified estheticians and expand your skincare repertoire. Enhance your client outcomes and take your esthetics career to the next level!

Oxygen Infusion Therapy Virtual Training

  • Products ship prior to training.

    Upon confirmation of delivery, you'll receive the following via email:

    Training video: This comprehensive video will guide you through proper product usage and protocols.

    Certification pop quiz: This quiz will assess your understanding of the training materials.

    No need to reach out for the video. It will be automatically sent upon delivery confirmation.

    Once you've completed the quiz, Your certification will be emailed upon successful quiz completion.

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