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A Startup Kit is fully supplied with two of each product from our entire product line, including exclusive backbar products, with the exception of one. It is processed and shipped via 2nd Day Air.

1. Get introduced to Universal Skin Science: Explore beyond traditional methods and embrace innovative approaches in skincare.

2. Diversify Your Techniques: Learn new modalities and expand your skillset for enhanced treatments.

3. Ingredient Breakdown: Understand how our ingredients work and their impact on the skin.

Upon completion, receive an Osthetics certification and access our ebooks, hands on training programs and protocols for ongoing learning.

Virtual Product Knowledge Training (Prerequisite)

  • Please note: To ensure a smooth setup and personalized training experience, our team will contact you within 2-12 hours after your purchase to confirm your preferred date and time for virtual training. This training will take place immediately after product shipment.

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