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Looking for a quick reprieve from pesky mosquito bites? Hydro-Pumpkin Pie Revitalizing Body Oil is the perfect solution! This anti-inflammatory blend of natural oils not only relieves itchy skin, but also provides a delightful aroma that will bring holiday cheer to any occasion. Its multitasking properties make it suitable for all types of skin care, from moisturizing and hydrating to reducing inflamed acne and eczema flareups. Get ready to experience healthier and smoother skin in just one hour!

The Hydro-Pumpkin Pie

SKU: 00002
  • Gets rid of mosquito bites in 1 hour

    Instantly hydrates skin

    Reduces Inflammation

    Reduces oil production in oily skin

    Improves moisture retention

    Soothes complexion

    Gives skin a radiating glow




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