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Hydro-Defense Serum

What is it?

The Hydro-Defense Serum is an effective skin revitalization system that targets multiple skin problems to ensure a flawless complexion.

What makes it unique?

You CAN have it all a skincare product that hydrates, heals and protects. A serum that has active ingredients that target specific skin concerns but is gentle enough for sensitive skin. The Hydro defense serum is here to change the way you do skincare. Different serums target different problems and conditions, while the Hydro defense serum is all-purpose serum suitable for all skin types. 

The Hydro defense serum is made up of tiny molecules that penetrate  deeply into the pores for maximum effectiveness. Whether you have dry aging skin or oily, acne prone skin or even if you suffer from the occasional eczema flare up, the hydro defense serum has got you covered.

Oily Skin Treatment

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