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What is it?

The Hydro-Defence Serum is considered the holy grail of serums in the industry.

What makes it unique?

The Hydro defence serum is the perfect all-in-one skincare solution for everyone. It is packed with active ingredients that target specific skin concerns, yet gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. Our powerful serum penetrates deeply into the pores for maximum effectiveness. Whether you have dry aging skin, oily acne-prone skin, or even occasional eczema flare-ups, the Hydro defence serum can help. Enjoy the benefits of having healthy, youthful-looking skin with our all-in-one skincare solution. Get the long-lasting hydration, healing, and protection you need with the Hydro defence serum.

Oily Skin Treatment

See Clinical Results

Our products are formulated for all skin types with results showing in the first week!

  • Is The Hydro-Defense for men and women ?
    YES! All of our products will be unisex and beneficial to all skin types.
  • Is this safe for kids ?
    Yes, our formula is made for men and women of all ages and skin types.
  • Can i use this if i have eczema/dermatitis?
    Yes, The Hydro-Defense serum is formulated to heal imperfections, improve water retention and reverse trans epidermal water loss. This makes it an ideal product for individuals dealing with this skin condition.
  • Why does my face feel so tight?
    Our power house of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals have an extremely powerful anti-aging affect on the skin to prevent, reverse and prolong the aging process.
  • Does it help with oily skin?
    Yes, The Hydro-Defense Serum regulates oil production helping prevent acne breakouts in oily skin.
  • Do you provide mobile facial services?
    Yes we do! Osthetics can provide the convenience of traveling to your home or office !
  • How does the serum help with ingrown hairs?
    The Hydro-Defense’s powerful anti-inflammatories help reduce the inflammation in the area of concern while repairing the skin to its natural texture-which allows the hair to surface beyond the skin.
  • Can i use this if I’m pregnant?
    Yes, we recommend that women who are pregnant only use the serum once daily.
  • Should i use a moisturizer after applying the Hydro-Defense Serum?
    NO! The Hydro-Defense Serum is powerful enough to not only retain moisture but serve as a humectant pulling moisture from the air right into your skin. Adding creams or moisturizers will ruin the efficacy of the product.
  • Can i use the Hydro-Defense Serum as a PRIMER?
    YES, Ladies the Hydro-Defense Serum is also a primer! Our formula gives the skin a protective barrier that helps prevent clogging of the pores. Many have reported that their skin glows under the makeup!
  • Can I make payments on skin care products with Osthetics?
    Yes, you can make 4 interest free payments over a 6 week period with afterpay.
  • Can I experience a home visit with Osthetics?
    Yes, we offer luxury facial treatments from the comfort of your own home, office space, or party.
  • Do you have products for wrinkles?
    Yes we do ! Our Hydro-Kit is powerful enough to reverse wrinkles without the need for fillers, botox injections or face lifts.
Oily Skin Treatment


“The Hydro-Defense serum is amazing, the product helped me with tightness, itchiness and a overall lack of hydration. I noticed my skin seemed to have a less dull and uneven texture to it. I only used it for 5 days and there was a major difference.” 

—  Paula Garcia

Osthetics University